‘We are not happy’: Bruno Fernandes criticizes staging of Qatar World Cup

Bruno Fernandes, a Portuguese footballer who currently plays for Manchester United, has expressed his disapproval of the decision to hold the World Cup in Qatar. After the next week, the beginning of the competition will be in full swing.

Bruno Fernandes

It has been brought to people’s attention that Qatar engages in discriminatory behavior toward the LGBTQ+ population as well as the treatment of migrant labor.

The athletes competing in the Olympics were to submit a statement condemning the host nation’s treatment of human rights violations, but only Australia has done so as of yet.

In spite of the fact that the beginning of the World Cup won’t take place until the 20th of December, Fernandes became one of the first well-known players to publicly criticize Qatar following Manchester United’s remarkable victory against Fulham on Sunday.

In response to a query from Sky Sports concerning the upcoming World Cup, Fernandes responded, “Of course it’s odd.” We are not in a position to compete in the World Cup at the moment because it is not the ideal time. I’d be willing to bet that things aren’t going very well for either the club or its fans at the moment. Because they will be at their jobs or schools, the great majority of people won’t be able to watch the games when they are played.

Everyone is aware of the location of the World Cup, the dramatic events that took place in the months leading up to the tournament, and the awful deaths that occurred among those who worked in the stadiums. As a result of this, we have a very pessimistic outlook.

In light of the fact that the World Cup is intended to be a representation of the entirety of the world, we have made it our mission to make football accessible to the widest possible audience. During the process of trying to qualify for the World Cup, everyone should have the feeling that they are supported and welcomed.

It was written with you in mind, whomever or whatever the participants may be. In today’s contemporary society, he do not believe that activities of this nature have any place. But a tournament like the World Cup, which celebrates spectators, players, and the thrill of watching a game, needs something more.

Christian Eriksen, another Danish midfielder on Fernandes’ side, mirrored the feelings of his colleague by adding, “Much has been written, and there is a big amount of intrigue in how and why the tournament is in Qatar.”

In spite of the fact that he was dissatisfied with recent happenings, his team and he will have no alternative but to continue playing football. In order for there to be positive change, there has to be more impetus from the outside.

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